there is a few arguments that composite decking sellers use to create the false impression that you should better chose composite decking over wood decking. In short these arguments are:

1) cheaper, better price decking - FALSE

2) now maintenance - FALSE

3) 100% eco friendly because you can recycle it – FALSE


1) Brazilian ipe hardwood decking comes in the United States as low as $1,90 per linear foot. also include the lifespan of the decking into the equation: ipe decking lasts from 40 and up to 100 years while composite decking most is guaranteed for 10 years. While installation costs is 50% of your total decking costs, it is easy to conclude the ipe decking is much cheaper then any composite decking.


2) Composite Decking Manufacturers stopped using “Maintenance Free” when describing their products early on after law suits. Nowadays they refer to it as “Low Maintenance”. The maintenance of the composite decking is very simple; you cannot refinish a composite deck; you simply replace it. 5 years from now, your composite deck will look like a 5 year old composite deck, with scratches and stains. Instead, in the worst-case scenario, your ipe decking can be sanded over and over and a brand new deck appears.


3) To the contrary to what those composite decking companies want you to believe, a composite deck is not environmentally friendly. They like to say that you can recycle the plastic. This is the theory, in reality when their deck eventually breaks down or needs to be replaced, they simply throw it in a landfill. The environmental impact of throwing out that much plastic is clearly damaging. And, when you consider that, given how many problems composite decks have, you can imagine just how many composite deck boards are being tossed into landfills all across the country. When buried in a landfill, composite decking may very well last forever. They say a plastic shopping bag will last 1000 years underground, I bet the composite decking will also do just as well.


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Below some further pictures of examples of why it is better NOT to buy composite decking

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"Its not plastic, its Millboard..."

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Great will call u during the week is there a good number for you if so you may wish to email to or

Alex Collins said:

Would love to Leon!


Leon Atkins said:

Alex you said everything i was thinking but after the first bottle of wine thought i had better hold back. Maybe we can have a chin wagg at some time



Its been a week now and still no reply from Mr Valente.......... What does that say to you?

Mr Valente is back from the forest and here is my comment. I would like to note to the readers that I am an ipe decking supplier, in fact a mill located in Bolivia and that my main discussion partner, mr Alex Collins is a composite decking manufacturer.

1) my strategy is not based on negative marketing techniques but to get the propaganda storm from mainly out of China more into balance. Yes, ipe is not 100% perfect and yes composite decking is not 100% problematic. Of the posts I see on the internet 90% is about perfect and marvelous composite decking, while under this storm of attention there is also a true natural possibility which is ipe decking.

2) about the pictures this is hollow decking, indeed inferiour to massive decking. What I then do not read in your post about massive quality decking is the price? I wonder how much cheaper it then would be then just one of the best real wood decking options: ipe. This should be mentioned to get the right picture.

So, I still thing that it is just NOT true that composite decking is AND cheaper AND maintenance free AND also eco friendly, because these are the statements made by most composite decking sellers. If you increase the quality then where is the price going to?? So I just put everything into perspective , that is all.

Hi Roque, I think its a shame you came in all guns blazing putting down the properties of composites, as that is most definitely 'negative marketing' in my book.

Anyway, solid decking is generally more expensive than hollow decking, but not by a lot. However, being that hollow decking is far inferior to solid decking, I don't think the price comparison is that relevant. Our trade price for Ecodek solid decking is £38/m2 +vat. For that you get boards of any length up to 6m, all our competitors only seem to offer standard lengths (timber products included). We offer bespoke lengths for no extra charge, so this brings your whole project cost down because you are not paying for off-cuts.  Good quality composite decking has its (relatively small) part of the decking market just as IPE decking has its own part. Some people will want wood, and some wont. At the end of the day, lets all just market the positives of our products rather than shout about the negatives of others - doesn't that make more sense?

Well, Roque, you have surprised me like you did to others in  this forum. I have been in this business since 1984. We have been using Natural Wood decking and it fades after 2-3 years. Mind it, I am talking about GCC countries where the temperature in the peak summer is 49-51 deg. C. 

Since last 8-9 years we have introduced Composite (WPC) Decking, Pergolas, fencing, railing and so on and the result is remarkable despite the extreme whether. We do 10 times more Business now. We do export to other Countries in the Middle east, N. africa and S. Asia. we didnt have any complaint so far whatsoever. 

Needless to elaborate as Karl,Alex and Leon explained from their experience. Hope you are convinced.

B. Regards


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