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Professional Decking Design

There are two type of professional decking design, one by a Garden Designer and the other by a structural Engineer or a qualified professional that can design to EC5 regulations.

Decking Designed by a Garden Designer.

This is the most common and simplest way to present a project to the client. Whilst the design will look beautiful amongst a scheme in a presentation it will have its limitations. It will normally only show the finished project and not have the details or specification for carpenter or contractor building it. You would then be left with whatever the contractor or carpenter decides to build in order to provide you with a deck that looks like the picture that has been designed. In most cases builders and too many landscaper do not have the correct knowledge and will appear to be the cheapest option... it isn't the cheapest by a long shot.

Decking designed by a Structural Engineer or suitably qualified Professional.

A structural Engineer will have their grounding in steel, concrete and bricks and the like so when requested to design the structure they will but the cost is usually prohibitive. The reason for this is due to their usual day to day work, which for the better part will have very little to do with timber, they will have to research up to date practices and regulations pertaining to the structure in hand. I am not saying don’t use a structural engineer… I am saying use a Professional that has the ready and up to date understanding of current practices in accordance with EC5. A TRADA Member would be a sound indication if they have a current interest in timber applications.

There are guides promulgated by TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) they refer to correct spans for decking structures to include the difference between hardwood and softwood, commercial and domestic, deck – joist and beam spans…

If you choose a specialist decking company do ask if they can show you their Professional Indemnity insurance as this is usually only available to suitably qualified people.

If you have a question about the design of a deck, contact us here 

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