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BBC 2 TV show talks rubbish about decking...shame on you

Great British Garden Revival, BBC2 Lawns and Tropical

Whilst stood in a field Dr Stephen Head delivered his utter nonsense whilst having a…


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The sharpest decking from Kebony... TOG Japanese knives

So we find ourselves in this blog taking a slice from the ordinary and creating something quite unique. Imagine if you will; a material so simple that has been used for decking for years, a modified timber product that has undergone a process almost unbelievable.

Kebonization, the process from which there…


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What is High End Decking?

What is High End decking?

High End decking is the correct use of appropriate timber materials, creatively designed and expertly constructed with the needs of the client the priority. It’s not about the most expensive materials but is about how the materials are used. High End is about managing the clients every expectation and providing a well-managed…


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Hardwood Timber Decking, where does it come from?

Hardwood Timber Decking, where does it come from?

I may be right, dare I suggest that the majority of clients that request a hardwood deck assume that they are all the same – after all they are all called Hardwood “aren’t they”? in short folks - nope.

South America for, Ipe – Cumaru – Kurupay -Massaranduba



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More than just timber in your garden

More than just timber in your garden…

Your fence, cladding, decking, pergola is a living breathing part of your design. Come away from simply using the standards off the shelf. There are far more timbers to choose from and so many techniques to use. Change the colour, scrape, bleach or sandblast are just some of the techniques you could consider to make your…


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Understanding a decking specification... a contractors point of view

Timber decking, a specification from another world…

“Now, I want a decking board that is durable and very hard, perhaps Ipe. I would like it very light in colour, in fact the colour must homogenous across all boards. It should be 25 mm thick; the width needs to be 225 mm as it will then match the interior flooring. I require the terrace to be completed in 5.1m…


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The Carbonised Range by Millboard, Ember and Charred Oak

Millboard composite decking is the best choice for quality long lasting decking, Non-slip, durable and colour fast. Nonslip is certainly an important factor when choosing the right composite and Millboard is a leader in Non-slip composite decking. Millboard has expanded its collection and created the “Carbonised”…


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Jarrah Composite Decking by Millboard

Millboard composite decking is certainly a great choice for the better quality decking, Lastane…


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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 Timber and Decking

I watch the Flower show at Chelsea perhaps all for the wrong reasons, I look for the timber and how it’s designed into the structure of the garden. The quality, the cut, the fixing and the many techniques as to how it is used…

Joe swift ambled through Trailfinders Australian Garden designed by Philip Johnson - what a garden. Chelsea…


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Which Hardwood Decking should I choose for a light coloured timber?

Which Hardwood Decking should I choose for a light coloured timber?

The best Hardwood Decking I would choose for a light coloured timber would have to be from a selection of timbers that have proven to be suitable for use as decking. There are many more botanical species of exotic timber to choose from than…


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Can you guess which hardwood timber is which?

Hey, we we recently asked to provide samples of all of our lightest shade hardwood decking timbers...

Can you guess what they are...

Ipe, Massaranduba, Teak, Doussie, Wenge, Afromosa, Idigbo, Tali, Elondo, Taperyba, Cumaru, Balau…


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Millboard Composite Decking Manual, Brochure

The Composite decking brochure by Millboard that’s been eagerly awaited is now out, a hefty book rather than a manual but nevertheless contains all elements to create a beautiful looking and quality deck. With advanced technology they have created slip resistances that stand up to the vigour’s…


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How to get the most from your Decking Network

Hello Decking Installers, Designers, Landscapers and Material Suppliers

Did you know that a complete profile is 86% more likely to attract business proposals than one that is not? We wanted to let you know that The Decking Network gives you complete control over your profile information by allowing you to customize…


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Ipe quality issues, what is acceptable and what isn't

Ipe is a beautiful timber and from time to time we get sent images asking questions pertaining to the quality and asked the question "Is this acceptable"

The grading quality of timber refers to the raw timber and the qualities of the timber not the quality of the mill that has processed it.…


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Surface Design Show 2013 London Feb 05th to 07th

Did anyone go to the Surface Design Show in Islington this year, it would be great to read your feedback or review.


Many thanks


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GCM 12 GDL Saw for Professional Decking Installers

GCM 12 GDL Professional Bosch Mitre Saw with GTA 2500 W Professional Stand

I would normally comment upon pros and cons of a new piece of equipment, in this case there is simply no need, only pro’s here. This saw is “off the scale” in terms of price, usability and most importantly accuracy. We have started using this saw on site this week and it is by far the best saw we have ever used (or so my guys have said), there was one other question “when can we replace the other saw”… I am not…


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How to Write a Decking Blog on the Decking Network

Relevance in the Title

Ok so we are blogging about decking on a decking site, so in real terms we couldn't ask for a better platform when considering relevance. Whilst there are millions of blogs out there in the ether, if you consider a few basic key words there some great tricks to get your blog read by your target audience. Decking in Cardiff, if this were the title then anyone searching on Google “where can I buy decking in Cardiff” then, that’s right you’re going to trike…


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A Millboard decking installation designed and created by Exterior Decking in Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

The Brief.

To provide an area suitable for the daily use of small children close to the rear of the house, the area needs to be non-slip, easy to clean and last a long time. There is a requirement to keep small garden toys secured within the area, there also needs to be a secure/hidden place for a double plug socket.

A pergola to break up the light over the area is a also required.



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Kurupay Hardwood Exterpark Timber Decking at discounted rates

Exterior Decking are offering Kurupay Hardwood Decking at discounted rates.

(Also known as Curupau, Patagonian Rosewood, Angico Preto, Cebil, Cebil Colorado, Curupay-ata)

We have 500 sq m in stock...when this runs out that will be the end of the discount period.

Kurupay is actually harder and more durable than Ipe, it is even produced…


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Garden Design and Landscaping in Chorleywood Hertfordshire.

The brief.


For this new garden design we had to consider the exact requirements of the client. In most cases a brief has a certain amount of poetic licence; this compared to the norm was not at all what the clients expected.

The clients requested an area to relax in, it must provide complete privacy, and the style needs to be contemporary and with a hint of Zen.

The back garden is over looked by too many windows and perhaps…


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