Commercial Decking Design and Installation

The formality that decking brings to the majority of terrace installations is simplicity. A decking structure is one of the most adaptable surfaces which is able to cope with multiple changes in elevation, solve problems and keep commercial costs at a sensible level.

Karl Harrison has been designing decking structures and has been working with the construction of raised timber platforms since 2003. Often found presenting CPD’s to Architects and other Designers, writing copy for trade magazines or lecturing on the occasion… he likes decking.

Decking structure

More complex than most would give credit for, normally specified by the structural Engineer for 4kN loading for commercial platforms. Tighter joist centres for the main structure, over beams in timber, steel or aluminium. For the plastic, do consider the heat… they can lose the rigidity required for a stable terrace.

Most commercial platforms are situated over adjustable pedestals, this allows the flexibility when installing. Normally placed at 500 centres or 7 pedestals per sq. m can add to the cost but are necessary. Most applications are for roof tops, balconies and private residential terraces in London.

Decking installation

The chaps at Decorum.London have been installing most types of decking for years, they are well versed in solving most problems and provide an efficient service. Hardwoods such as Teak, Ipe and Iroko are in their repertoire with the option in many instances being Accoya® or Kebony®, that being for their green rating, cost, durability and most of all warranty against rotting.

Most decking projects are installed with surface fixed screws with more clients wanting a screwless fitted decking terrace. It is for this reason that Decorum.London are the lead company in the UK for installing the Exterpark Magnet system. This is the simplest of commercial decking options, pedestal, aluminium rail and the decking simply clicks into place with the POM clip. It is the most cost effective option for commercial decks and although has competition is by far the simplest.

Karl Harrison said “I can’t recommend Accoya enough, I would say, no brainer, as it's warranted for 50 years against rotting. It will silver out to a beautiful grey and is what I call a fit and forget deck, best of all in 10 years with sensible maintenance it will look much better than any composite deck ”

Decking solution

There are many options, solutions and products available to choose your new decking terrace from. Decorum.London is well placed to offer professional advice on which materials best suit your needs and budgets, there’s never one option suits all. Not all projects need at 35mm thick hardwood, not every project needs a composite… what projects do need is someone that has been designing and installing decking terraces for 15 years that offers the best advice.

What is absolutely certain is that there are regulations and construction guidelines that many don’t appreciate, most are there to observe regulations and save money. Contact Decorum.London where you may request a CPD or informal meeting to discuss how they can drive your project forward and provide an official commercial service...



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