Shou Sugi Ban is the brand term for the process of charring timber for use on cladding and other installations by using a unique Japanese technique, enhancing the beauty of the timber.

This process increases the durability of the wood as well as offer resistance to insects, decay and can also be used to protect against further fire.

Supplying for mainstream as well as one-off pieces, Shou Sugi Ban consists of many finishes and textures that can be used for both internal or external projects. From the very rustic, highly burnt and fragile looking finish, to a sleek and contemporary brushed finish.

A wide variety of timber can be used for creating beautiful products, such as Accoya, Kebony, Cedar, Oak, Douglas Fir and more. Some companies will also have their own unique charred products exclusively made for them, such as ‘Yukari’ for James Lathams Ltd.