Charred Oak Installation in Montgomery Sq Canary Wharf, London

Charred cladding has moved passed being a flash in the pan, a one off or indeed a short lived pipe dream… It is here to stay. It is specified, it’s is a serious contender for many projects and over 100,000 sq m have been produced and installed in the UK over recent years. Developed in Amersham since 2004/5 and the passion of Karl Harrison it has moved on from a back garden produced bit of burnt cladding to a major Brand across Europe where 10’s of thousands are no supplied every year.

“Shou Sugi Ban ® is here to stay”

Dwarfed in the abyss of London’s sky scrapers in the business centre of the world known as Canary Wharf is a Black Box… indeed a magical box at that. Steeped in the traditions of good old English Oak, charred black as intended by design…

Over 400 sq metres of English Grade A Oak, profiled and created by Exterior Solutions Ltd, the makers of Shou Sugi Ban ® The installation was by Decorum.London and met the first-class expectations of Canary Wharf Contractors.

Due to the nature of Oak, shorter than normal pieces of timber were used. This added to the stability of the build as well as the profile due to it being Tongue and Grooved.

The usual screws specified are the stainless carpenters mate No 7 cladding screws. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and in a range of colours, including jet black.

MaterialsHokkaido by ShouSugiBan ‘English Oak Brushed’
Installed byDecorum.London
LocationMontgomery Square, Canary Wharf, London
ArchitectCanary Wharf PLC
Main contractorLosberger de Boer

You can’t notice the screws as they are the same black as the cladding.

Karl Harrison said, “The grain is bursting out of each piece, it’s such an impressive timber to use as charred cladding”.

SFS Intec peel rivets were specified by the SE to fix the bespoke brackets, designed in-house by the team at Exterior Solutions Ltd.

The brackets in 5mm aluminium are the primary support for the timber fin arrangement, clad in the same oak which also housed vertical LED lighting.

Shou Sugi Ban® materials are manufactured in the UK to order in an extensive range of timbers, textures and colours for both interior and exterior cladding.

There are regular CPD presentations hosted at Sky House Design Centre which are essential for your specification knowledge…or Shou Sugi Ban can come to you – [email protected]