What is Technowood ® A2 fire rated cladding?

It is real timber, not fake, not plastic… it presents as natural solid timber cladding, Architectural panels, beams, joist and decorative coverings. It is naturally resistant to the weather, incredibly lightweight and when compared to real timber it looks no different.

This revolutionary cladding product has been developed over the last 30 years and been the go to cladding product used across the middle east since 1984.

The installation of Technowood ® is much faster than timber. This is based on the structure being extruded aluminium and wrapped in a thin layer of real timber which has been impregnated and sealed with A2 Fire rated chemicals. No sanding or oiling, no fancy timber cuts or joins, this revolutionary cladding is fitted just the same as most rain screen cladding items.

“Imagine only using 2% of the timber when compared to a normal timber cladding project…welcome to Technowood ®”

The installation in short, wrap the building envelope in L shaped aluminium brackets which enable the easy installation of the insulation, this is then followed with a simple rail back fixed to the brackets and the cladding is simple screwed to this rail with tech screws…

Although not a budget option, it is a sensible choice where a non-combustible material is required and the Designer or Architect wants to use real timber… now you can.

If you are wanting Architectural cladding, structures, Brei Soleil, Beams or Joists, Exterior and Interior structures with a real timber finish, A2 fire rated then Technowood ® should be your first choice.

“Imagine a 12 metre length of unsupported timber joist… now think Technowood ®”

Distribution is in the UK and by Technowood Cladding UK Ltd based in Amersham in Buckinghamshire. Technowood cladding can be seen in the showroom presented in Sky House Design Centre.

CPD’s are available for Architectural and Design Practices…email [email protected]