Another client delighted with Owatrol products!

We recently received a cry for help from a client who had the following problem (taken from their email):

Query: Hi, we are in the process of installing a new Balu deck, due to the recent wet weather in the UK the un-treated deck has gone slightly grey as it’s dried out from a few days of heavy rain.


Can you advise me, as it’s only minor weathering shall I just apply DEKS OLJE D1 or will I need to clean with Net-trol first?


I have a 45m2 deck, how much DEKS OLJE D1 do you think I will need?


What is your stock availability like? Delivery times?


How long will the deck need to dry out before application, will it require a number of days of dry weather after application? We couldn’t have chosen a worse time to install it 🙁


Look forward to your response, Heddwyn’

We then gave the advice required to rejuvenate the deck and so I wanted to share the response with all, as it is always pleasing to see the results and delight of clients.  Here it is:

‘Thanks again Gary, your oil has transformed our decking – its beautiful see attached pic, wanted to share, thanks again – very very happy!!!’

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