Burnt timber cladding for interior and exterior Shou Sugi Ban Projects.

Burnt timber cladding for interior and exterior charred timber Projects.

Samples of burnt timbers for charred timber have been keeping us very busy this year, interior and exterior projects have been going well. From the norm of Cedar we have been providing projects with Hardwood and paying particular attention about the cut of the timber.

Some clients are very specific about the way the timber burns and so we have been displaying different cuts of timber. For a complex wavy finish we have been using quarter cut (well almost) Elondo in varying profiles to some brilliant end results.

For a patterned effect rather like a parched river bed, without water for so long displays as a pattern of splits and cracks, a different cut of timber is used; although they have a random pattern there is some uniformity among the burnt pattern on the timber, again a hardwood was chosen for this project, this time Kurupay – a Patagonian rose wood.

The sides of this timber look incredible, such deep and structured patterns; solid too, once our combination of oil has been applied this timber will last for years.

Although there are several main hardwoods we use, the finished result is always different for each timber chosen and of course for each project.

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