Decking supplier – Ever thought about using affiliates?

This post is about how to using affiliates to increase your online sales.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is somebody who will advertise your decking products or decking services via their marketing channel, such as a blog or website. The best thing
about using affiliates, they only get paid a certain percentage if they
generate a sale or lead for your decking business. Also affiliates are responsible for their own
marketing costs.
Using affiliates for your online marketing is another way of getting
your brand out to the masses, which in turn generating traffics, sales
or leads.

What does a Affiliate Marketeer bring to the party?

In short a affiliate marketeer brings sales, lead generation and traffic generation to the party. Also a good affiliate marketeer
understands how to use social networks, have web designing skills, an
email marketing database and the ability to get your brand to the masses
very quickly.

Consider this, how much would it cost you to employ a web designer, SEO specialist, an e-marketing specialist and a brand awarness

It would cost you a fortune, but this are the qualities you should be looking for in a affiliate marketeer and this are the skills an
affiliate marketeer brings to the party as well as sales, traffic and
lead generation.

Where to find affiliates

An affiliate network can be defined as an body that manages the affiliates and manages the companies looking for affilaites. In
marketing terms an affiliate is also known as a advertiser and the
company looking for affiliates is called the publisher.

The publisher will also pay a percentage of sales to the affiliate network, as well as to the affiliate / advertiser.

There are many affiliate networks out their, but the main ones are:
Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, Buy at, Click Bank, Google merchant
network. If you want to find more affiliate networks just Google
affiliate networks

Does Affiliate marketing work?

In short, Affiliate marketing works. The way to justify the cost of affiliate marketing against other marketing channels is to go ask
yourself this question -”How much would it cost me to employ a sales
person to be able to generate at least £100,000 plus sales and to
generate a e-mareting database of about 30,000 plus subscribers”.
Another question you need to ask yourself -”How much would it cost me to
get my brand out to the masses?”.

Considering most retail publishers pay affiliates between 3 to 5 % of sales generated and some publishers pay £50 per lead. This may seem a
lot of money to pay somebody who is generating traffic, sales and leads
to your website, but again how much would it cost you to employ a sales
person to get the same or better results?


In conclusion, If you are a decking supplier or retailer and looking at new ways of generating online sales / leads, you should consider affiliate marketing as an option. Afiiliate marketing will generate you results.


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