Exterior Decking Launch Kebony Decking with secret fastening system.

Kebony Decking is a revolutionary product that is now available from Exterior Decking in the UK.

Kebony and Exterpark FSC Hardwood Decking

The Kebony decking is profiled by Exterpark and will provide the only invisible fastening system for Kebony decking.

Kebony is based on a process where sustainable wood is made more durable, harder and more stable using liquids from bio-waste material. Kebony is a sustainable alternative to hardwoods from tropical regions. The products resemble teak and other tropical varieties of wood. It is dark, and acquires a silver grey patina over time if left untreated. One of the notable benefits of Kebonization is the resistance to weather and wear. Other notable benefits are exceptionally good decay resistance and long life span. This durability is achieved without the drawbacks associated with traditional impregnation methods. For a more detailed insight to the world of Kebony click here.

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2 thoughts on “Exterior Decking Launch Kebony Decking with secret fastening system.”

  1. Karl, just to let you know that for Kebony you need to use our water-based solutions such as Aquadecks or Aquatrol…. Bare that in mind when you are looking at treatment/maintenance as the oils are not the best products!!