Hardwood flooring inside, Decking outside, supplied in Amersham.

The best choice for hardwood flooring

So what is the best choice for hardwood interior flooring? I guess it has to be based on the colour and grain to start with and then onto the width and length. The most common timber for interior hardwood flooring has to be Oak, don’t let this be a show stopper as there are many others, Ash and Elm for the engineered flooring ranges like Hypnotic in the Millesime range. There are some floors that are still in an engineered format but use the different natural colours of unique timbers like Sucupeira, Teak, Doussie, Iroko, Elm and Walnut.

“My choice for interior hardwood flooring would have to be Teak from the 1Solar range

Matching the timber

If the designer or client has specified a matching interior hardwood and exterior deck this for most suppliers is task too far. For WoodFlooringUK based in Amersham, they can supply solid interior flooring and also decking in the same timber, 21mm thickness and Walnut (Ipe), Teak, Merbau, Doussie all matched for each project. This is a perfect option for the higher end of the projects where this is required; the cost would be high comparatively for small orders

I don’t see the point in matching the flooring to the exterior; but, hey, if that’s what you want then great. I would want to see a contrast and would opt for different timbers and in a different design.

Solid or Engineered hardwood flooring

In short, the best can be factored in many ways, if you require underfloor heating then solid flooring is out. Solid has a higher maintenance regime to keep the floor looking perfect, takes 6 times longer to install than an engineering board. Engineered flooring boards come prefinished to install and walk away, no sanding, oiling just glue, fit and walk away.

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