How can a decking company use Social Networking to promote its products or services?

First of all, I think that social networking can be defined as linking your website / blog to relevant forums and social platforms, which will create away of getting your message or brand seen by the masses. Doing this, you will start creating a list of followers who are interested in your brand and the masses will find you. Eventually, who will have a database of followers who are linking to your blog feed / website, which will enable you to market your product instantly.

A decking company can do this by being selective in which social networks you use or join, but the basic principle is to generate followers who are interested in your decking products. For example, I have created my bookmarks in and everytime i find something of relevance, I added to my delicious bookmarks and submit it to Twitter and the result, being I generate a lot of interest.

The difficulty is of any list / follower building is to have a targeted audience that you can logistiaclly manage as a decking company. This method of social networking can be ideal if you are a decking supplier, but if you are a decking fitter, you can obtain their email address or twitter address during your sales process. This way you are building up a database of social followers, that have or are interested in your services. Also, by creating a list of social followers, will help in driving traffic to your website.

In conclusion, you can turn your social followers into sales by being selective who follows you on Twitter, facebook, etc.

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