Large Ipe hardwood timber posts for decking and structural applications.

Exterior Solutions Ltd have available from UK stock huge sections of Ipe hardwood for creating pergolas and large scale timber structures. Perfect for landscapers creating raised decking platforms when the posts are required to match the decking.

Our stock has a mixture of lengths and has a selection from 3 metres or so, with a large amount spanning to a colossal 6.1 m in length.  The dimensions are 170 mm x 170 mm which are in Raw and can be planed to your requirements.

We also have 90 x 90 posts in various lengths; these are in Ipe and have already been planed with par eased edges.

When working with such large sections of timber be aware that a 3 m length posts of the larger section will be a safe carry for 3 or 4, whilst 2 can manage; they are very heavy and will weigh about 100 Kgs, so for the 6.1 m be ready for something at around 200 Kgs.

Your tools need to be sharp and don’t be in a hurry as when working with these enormous materials you need to get your cuts rights and first time too…

These sections of timber are not easy to find especially at these lengths and will prove to be a special touch to your garden landscaping project

Do let us know how we can assist you, we do have a large range of species of timber in many sizes for just about any application.

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