Megalite Composite Decking Available at International Timber

International Timber’sMegalite Composite Decking, unlike other decking products has a longer lifetime and is easier to clean compared to other wood. It consists of 75% natural wood fibres and 25% high quality polymer binding agents and additives provide your terrace with a natural surface and make it almost indestructable.
There is no need for painting and oiling since Megalite does not turn grey, as wood does.
The natural components of Megalite are produced from 100% local wood products, sustainably cultivated and PEFC certified.
We stock three colours of deck board – Basalt Grey, Nut Brown and Natural Brown.
The hollow deck boards we stock are 21 x 145mm.
  • 75% sofwood content
  • Especially long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • No painting or oiling
  • No dangerous splinters
  • Natural looking surface
  • Wide colour range
  • PEFC envirnmentally friendly
For information on our Megalite Composite Decking Guide please visit our website

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