Rustic Teak Hardwood Decking by Exterpark

Rustic Teak Hardwood Decking by Exterpark

Scientific Name:

Tectona Grandis

Other Names:

Burma teak, Rangoon teak, Moulmein teak, gia thi, jati sak, kyun, mai sak, rosawa


Indonesia, India, and Central America.


Its colour varies, from yellow – white to dark brown and creates a lively looking floor with endless permutations
For years, boat builders have prized teak’s unparalleled durability, workability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Teak is unaffected by insects, fungus and acids making it ideal for decks and other outdoor architectural projects.

Due to the natural preservative oils in teak (tectona grandis) it is virtually maintenance free. Oil finishes may be used to emphasize the rich beautiful colour of teak or if you wish, you can let it naturally weather to a warm silver-gray patina

Janka hardness:


Exterpark Plus Teak Decking: As far as the very many decking providers go, once you have reached the quality of Exterpark you can’t go any further. With Exterpark you have the patented invisible fastening system that by using a stainless steel fixing clip you have a completely smooth surface finish with no visible fixings, not even through the gaps between the decking.

Most other decking is S4S (smooth on all four sides) and E4E (eased on all four corners), there are one or two providers that have a side groove to be used in conjunction with a plastic side fixing system, that you have to insert, pre-drill then insert your screw.

Further Hardwood Decking Information

For further information regarding the efficient supply and professional installation contact Exterior Decking. There they are able to assist in your requirements for structural design and all technical information regarding your new deck.


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