Shou Sugi Ban Japanese burnt timber decking channel 5 Garden ER

CHANNEL 5’s GARDEN ER asked us to burn the decking so we did

Exterior decking not only provides the industry with decking and cladding, they are sometimes required to provide something that little bit special.

Having researched for more techniques to achieve different finishes on timber decking and cladding we decided to use the Shou-Sugi-Ban technique

Shou-sugi-ban 焼杉板, or burnt sugi board is a Japanese technique of creating timber cladding that should last over 80 years. Sugi is known as Japanese cedar, Instead of sugi, our wood species are Belinga. Old traditional Japanese houses use shou-sugi-ban for their external timber cladding, although rarely used now (replaced by manmade plastic or composite). The sugi was burnt to resist rot and fire. Supposedly it’s difficult for something already burnt to a charcoal finish to catch fire again.

Using an industrial blow torch is required for a constant burn to ensure an even finish to your Sugi board.

The boards are left to smolder for a moment or two then scrubbed up and covered with water to stop the burning process.

Once scrubbed the boards are then required to dry thoroughly before oiling. For the oil we used OWATROL Textrol hardwood oil.

We can use these products for exterior or interior use

or even for Channel 5 TV Garden make over show Garden ER

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