Two companies working together, Decking and Landscaping

As part of our garden design and landscaping services it is vital that we ensure the very best advice and practice for our customers. When specialist parts of a project require another professional to advise we always seek the best person or company for the job.

In this case we were required to design and build a large deck as part of a larger landscaping project, a project where an existing pond (104 sq m) required a new liner, planting and long list of other specialist items.

So last week we entrusted the assistance of Claudia De Yong, an accomplished designer and creator of beautiful water features to provide a consultation and to scope the works required.

We met at our offices in Amersham and started our meeting with a cup of tea, Claudia asked “I don’t suppose you have Earl Grey”? Of course we do… (a perfect start there then)

We will use the advice from Claudia to benefit our company and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with Claudia in the future.

Two companies working together, Decking and Landscaping, what a great idea.

read Claudias thoughts here on the Landscape Hub Network


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