Where is the best place to buy timber decking?

The best place to buy decking from, where is it?

When buying decking in the UK the first consideration is what type of deck are you looking to buy? Hardwood, softwood, composite, recycled; the choice is endless

On the cost effective rung of the ladder is pine, this comes in many guises. There are the various widths and thicknesses not forgetting the very many profiles. There are an awful lot of places trying to outdo each other for the sale of pine forcing the price down. Unfortunately when you force the price down the quality soon follows. The DIY superstores are really to blame; they should really let timber be sold by the builders and Landscaper merchants.

Although Exterior Decking will sell you standard pine decking it would rather that you didn’t buy it. Why not use C16/C24 timber joists instead. If you have the choice of 28mm or 35mm deck – consider the use of structural timber instead – it is 47mm thick and pretty much the same price per length and once installed looks no different. The peace of mind is going to be most certainly there, 47mm thickness for the same price…

When designing a timber structure (carcass), the norm is to follow the beam, joist and deck span charts and calculation created by TRADA. In which case the normal joist centre would be 400mm for domestic and 300mm for commercial. Now we are using very thick pine which then lends itself to be very much stronger and therefore you need less structure under it, hence you only need 600mm joist centres. Installation time is greatly reduced because of the reduced structure required.

So to consider the facts of your project.

Thicker deck at the same cost of normal decking
• Quicker to install as you require less joists
• Increased lifespan of the decking installation
• Looks just like normal decking


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