Some excellent tropical hardwood decking species that offer diverse look and splendid performance:


Bending strength



Ipe deck

(Brazilian Walnut decking)

  • An extremely dense wood casted with a deep rich brown and olive colour.
  • Some pieces might display hints of red and amber hues.
  • A fine texture and tight-grain look.

25,400 psi

3680 lbs.

  • Highest in resistance to insect and decay.
  • Lifespan of over 75 years.
  • Low maintenance
  • No need to be dried for exterior uses

Cumaru deck

(Brazilian Teak decking)

  • Colour varies, from honey to reddish brown
  • Dark grain accents similarly to teak throughout the wood

24,800 psi

3540 lbs.

  • Over 50 years lifespan
  • Natural resistance to decay
  • Superb durability
  • Low maintenance
  • About 2/3 the price of Ipe

Cambara deck (Cambara Mahogany decking)

  • Light to medium brown hues
  • A coarse to medium open graining pattern

13, 080 psi

941 lbs

  • The ability to hold coatings well allows flexibility in colour design for different projects
  • Stable, harder and denser than softwood decking once kiln dried
  • Rot and insect resistance

Tigerwood deck (Brazilian Koa decking)

  • A bit of brownish orangey background
  • Accented with intermittent black and brown streaks
  • Smooth texture
  • Different and unique look, when darkened will turn to a deeper reddish brown

19,285 psi

1850 lbs.

  • Low maintenance
  • Naturally durable and stable in many climates
  • Lifespan: over 30 years

Garapa deck (Brazilian Ash decking)

  • Light yellow to luxurious honey hues
  • A fine-grained structure that weathers to gray quickly

12,900 psi

1210 lbs

  • Lifespan: over 30 years
  • Without any chemical treatments, it possesses a natural resistance to rot, decay and splinters
  • Durable
  • Class A in fire ratings

Massaranduba deck (Brazilian Redwood decking)

  • Colour variations of velvet red to dark reddish brown
  • Straight, subtle grain. Grow out of large trees so decking boards typically have consistent grains.
  • Fine texture

27,280 psi

3190 lbs.

  • Lifespan: over 30 years
  • More stable in wet climates, rather than dry ones
  • Exceptional durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to rot, decay and insects

Meranti deck (Dark red meranti decking)

  • Dark reddish colour
  • Straight or interlocked grain

12,710 psi

800 lbs

Moderate resistance to decay and insects

To learn more about tropical hardwood decks and softwood decks, check out:

Happy learning!

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