Reply To: Millboard Decking Advice


Hi Gary

The best sellers are Enhanced Grain, Golden Oak the favorite colour but then again It depends, they hadn’t sold much Limed Oak all year then last November they sold out (1000’s of sq m)

Weathered Oak, the old looking beach worn decking is a close second with the others not really selling.

The have probably sent you a box with the whole collection by now, if not phone them and they will.

We use thousands of sq m each year, its a very good product, one that give us pretty much no come back due to product.

It is a face fixing system and due to the Lastane (like rubber) coating on the surface the screws just disappear into the board with no trace, no predrilling either. Stick to 400 centres for domestic decking, this minimizes waste and conforms to the 1.5kN loading required for domestic decks. I would stick to 150 x 47mm carcassing, 

The HDPE joists take a little getting used to, you cant rebate them and the structure relies only on the bolts the fix them, also the spans for HDPE are very short which makes for a lot of substructure, the cost is already 4 x plus the price of timber so with needing more its is very expensive…If you do use HDPE allow for at least one more saw blade and 10 HSS drill bits…you’ll tear through these. Oh and don’t screw them, bolt them.

Be great if other users of Millboard could share their info…