Reply To: Does composite decking fade or lighten over time?


Yes, composite decking may fade or lighten over time, but the extent and rate at which this occurs will depend on a variety of factors including the quality of the product, the amount of sunlight exposure, the climate, and the use of the deck.

Most composite decking products are made with UV-resistant materials, which helps to slow down the fading process. However, some fading or lightening may still occur over the years due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. That said, the fading process with composite decking tends to be more gentle and uniform compared to wood decking, which can have uneven color changes over time as different sections of the deck are exposed to varying levels of sunlight.

It’s worth noting that newer varieties of composite deckings, such as mineral-based composite decking, may be less prone to fading than traditional composite decking made with wood and plastic. These new materials are more resistant to UV light and have higher color retention properties, making them more ideal for areas with high sun exposure. Overall, while composite decking may fade or lighten over time, the extent and speed at which it does so will depend on various factors, including the quality and type of product you choose, your location, and the amount of sun exposure your deck receives. Ultimately, composite decking is a low-maintenance, long-lasting option for outdoor living spaces that will provide many years of enjoyment and value with relatively little upkeep needed.