Reply To: Post comments about the Creating Landscapes show 2011

Stuart Marler

I think it was a really poor show. Poor turnout from the “landscape Juice” members who the show was intended for! It goes to show that its not easy making a new show, especially for people/companies whose main work is in maintenance as they usually work for themselves with no help, so taking a day off work loses them a days pay.

I think the marketing was awful.

There were 1000 almost, pre-registered visitors but less than half turned up. So what happened to the marketing?

LJN – again who show it was inteded for, has (alledgedly) over 2000 members, but only about 10 people contribute to the forum and out of these on 100 or so visited.

So what went wrong?

It seems that the show organisors made a profit from the show, the first to do so in its first year; but at what expense to the exhibitors who had such a shoddy day? How much did they lose, paying out for a tent for two days, then having such few visitors that couldnt possibly make the show worth while?!

I really doubt that next year’s show will either happen or be a success!