Reply To: Post comments about the Creating Landscapes show 2011


Stuart. You are entitled to your opinion, I could understand that if this had been written about me I would wouldn’t enjoy the reading.
My company was invited to exhibit; we have exhibited at many other trade events and we simply looked at the details of the show and decided not exhibit. As part of the decision process I requested a detailed list of the preregistered visitors, this was key in our decision making, without it we didn’t know who was attending.
The director of Creating Landscapes Ltd namely Phil Voice was a member of this Network, the Network did provide support by advertising the show, Phil also wrote freely to enhance his online presence, Phil left this Network on the 2nd of November for unknown reasons.
It should be known that he is welcome to rejoin and let us know his thoughts, this network is open to free discussion for all members.
I am sure Creating Landscapes was a success for some and a true testament is when and if the show is with us again next year. If it is I am sure the Decking Network will advertise it to it’s members……