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    Stuart Marler

    Its seems that freedom of speech has come to an end. Phil Voice, the leader of LJN, is throwing me off of LJN because I dared speak up to him and disagree with some of his views!

    All this has come about due to my “post CL show comments” which was to help the show learn of its mistakes and improve for next year. Phil thought it was a personal attack against him, which if you read it, wasnt!

    Phil asked me to edit my comment about his telephone call to me, but I wasnt willing to edit  out the truth. The phone call was about 30 minutes of tirade of abuse from Phil and shouting insults at me, for what? trying to help his show.

    No doubt this will be deleted but many of you are unaware of the abuse this man gives to people who dare disagree with him.

    Its a shame that Phil will resort to this as I have been one of the longest serving members of LJN and one of the biggest to promote it to all I have met.

    Its such a shame because the basis of LJN is a good idea but run by a man who upsets and angers anyone who doesnt see eye to eye with him.


    Do you think an “association” should be run by one person, who will ban or suspend anyone who dares not agree with him?


    How would you deal with fair criticism?


    Should freedom of speech be allowed on open sites, where are the lines drawn?


    It depends upon the association you have signed into, for a detailed breakdown on the legalities pertaining to Associations read this.

    On an open site, one has to back up their comments and be able to take criticism as much they give it.

    If comments are based upon fact they should be corroborated in the text to provide a clear picture of exactly what happened or what is being written about. Perhaps it would make it a more fair comment is to do exactly that.

    Freedom of speach is and should be allowed if the domain within which to present your rhetoric is open.

    The lines drawn are usually based on refraining from bad lanquage, certain images etc.

    Other than that I would prefer comments to be about decking the timber or composite type and not that of someone that has disagreed with you.

    Stuart Marler


    Further to the above, I have been requested remove some of my wordings, on the threat of court action.

    I have been reinstated into the LJN memebership, the ban lifted.

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