Is it better to build a deck from real wood or a composite material?

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    In an environmentally conscious sense, yes! It is worth noting that a wood deck is a far more eco-beneficial choice, as compared to other man-made synthetic materials such as plastic or composite decks, which are non-renewable.

    What makes synthetic decking boards not as eco-friendly is that when plastic or composite boards are sawed, their non-biodegradable plastic lumber dust will spread into the air. This undoubtedly will harm both your health and the surrounding environment. On the other hand, sawdust and woodchips generated during solid wood deck construction are biodegradable.

    On the other hand, solid wood decks, striking in appearance, can last for a substantial amount of time, and require uncomplicated maintenance, which make them a favorite among homeowners anywhere. As a favorite among all tropical hardwood species, teak is considered a top choice when it comes to decking materials, endorsed by professionals. To read more about teak’s performance and its benefits as decking material, this article explains much better than me: Teak decking


    I would certainly agree that natural timber is a much better proposition than composite, its eco friendly provided you use certified timber, much lower carbon emissions, lasts much longer and I prefer the look of a Biophilic construction.

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