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    Stuart Marler

    Did anybody attend the first Creating Landscapes show held this month at Capel Manor?


    I went along, luckily finding out from Landscape Juice Network, and apart from seeing it in the Pro-Landscaper magazine; didnt see it advertised anywhere else. I thought the show was small, similar in style to Saltex, poorly laid out and very quiet.


    I thought it was a good meeting point to see fellow forum members but expected a lot more people.


    I have heard that 482 visitors attended with about 60 exhibitors, over 2 days.

    I saw one decking supplier, sorry but cant remember who they were!!


    Its a shame but the show has potential!


    Hi stuart


    I didn’t attend as I have been very busy of late, the decking suppliers were, “Wood and Beyond” and “HybridDecking” both companies are represented on this site. Perhaps it would be helpfull to this post if they wrote their first hand comments.


    I can’t really comment as I wasn’t involved in anyway and I can’t comment on second hand information.




    ER Heritage

    Actually, I counted the exhibitors and the day before, the website stated 49 exhibitors when in reality, about 3/4 of those weren’t there! so about 45 all in all.


    Wood and Beyond were the decking company at the show.



    Stuart. You are entitled to your opinion, I could understand that if this had been written about me I would wouldn’t enjoy the reading.
    My company was invited to exhibit; we have exhibited at many other trade events and we simply looked at the details of the show and decided not exhibit. As part of the decision process I requested a detailed list of the preregistered visitors, this was key in our decision making, without it we didn’t know who was attending.
    The director of Creating Landscapes Ltd namely Phil Voice was a member of this Network, the Network did provide support by advertising the show, Phil also wrote freely to enhance his online presence, Phil left this Network on the 2nd of November for unknown reasons.
    It should be known that he is welcome to rejoin and let us know his thoughts, this network is open to free discussion for all members.
    I am sure Creating Landscapes was a success for some and a true testament is when and if the show is with us again next year. If it is I am sure the Decking Network will advertise it to it’s members……

    Stuart Marler

    I think it was a really poor show. Poor turnout from the “landscape Juice” members who the show was intended for! It goes to show that its not easy making a new show, especially for people/companies whose main work is in maintenance as they usually work for themselves with no help, so taking a day off work loses them a days pay.

    I think the marketing was awful.

    There were 1000 almost, pre-registered visitors but less than half turned up. So what happened to the marketing?

    LJN – again who show it was inteded for, has (alledgedly) over 2000 members, but only about 10 people contribute to the forum and out of these on 100 or so visited.

    So what went wrong?

    It seems that the show organisors made a profit from the show, the first to do so in its first year; but at what expense to the exhibitors who had such a shoddy day? How much did they lose, paying out for a tent for two days, then having such few visitors that couldnt possibly make the show worth while?!

    I really doubt that next year’s show will either happen or be a success!


    Interesting. We would have gone but we were busy felling and stump grinding 2 trees that day.

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