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    AOCOMM is the abbreviation of “Association of Chinese outstanding material manufacturers”. It’s a supply alliance that is sponta-neously organized by professional manu-facturers in all areas, backed by economic globalization and China’s implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.


    AOCOMM’s products cover five areas of civil engineering materials, bridge materials, water supply and drainage, electric power facilities and construction tools, containing thousands of products.

    For customers of small batch, multi-batch, multi-type procurement needs, AOCOMM takes unified procurement, testing, distribution and billing to provide customers with strict quality control and financial security.

    Through AOCOMM, you can find a better supplier ,more quickly understand the market, save your time.As we believe in the value: let the Chinese quality products to the world and serve more customers! We look forward for your reply, thank you.


    Good morning Sun

    Do you have a minimum procurement spend and how do overseas customers view the materials that you offer

    many thanks


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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