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Jeff hargreaves

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JJH construction ltd


Decking Installation

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Emerson valley


Milton keynes


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Hi, JJH construction ltd is a decking company based in Milton Keynes, we are registered trex pros and only install Trex composite decking, last yr we were very lucky to take delivery of our trex custom curve oven making us the ONLY company in England [at the time of writing 6/1/21] with this equipment and ability to heat and curve trex composite decking, this allows us to take your decking to another level creating a truly bespoke deck giving you a special outside space for entertaining family and friends whilst adding value to your property, we have set up a new website dedicated to curving trex decking and will update it as we go, curvedcompositedecking.co.uk or we can be found on our main site Jjhconstructionltd.co.uk