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Hebei Yongchang Composite Technology Co., Ltd.


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West of Pengcun, Jizhou Town, Jizhou District










Hebei Yongchang Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional company based in the Economic Development Zone, Jizhou District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province. The company has introduced 6 fully automatic microcomputer-controlled filament winding production lines, covering an area of more than 50000 square meters, producing filament winding fiberglass storage tanks, pipes and other series of products. The products manufactured by the company have been widely used in the chemical engineering, light industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, brewing, electrochemical water supply and drainage, petroleum refining, steel-making, printing and dyeing, transportation and storage, food brewing, fermentation, water treatment, seawater desalination and other domestic and foreign industries. The products comply with the a series of national standards of many countries, including Chinese standard (GB), American standard (ASME), German standard (DIN), Japanese standard (JIS), etc. The company provides customers with the following products as well as their installation and after-sales service:

1. FRP storage tanks, specifically designed for producing FRP containers with a diameter of 25000mm (5000 cubic meters) or less.

2. Pipelines, including FRP process pipelines and FRP sand pipelines.

3. FRP and plastic composite products, including FPRPP, FPRPVC, FPRCPVC, FPRPVDF, etc.

4. FRP desulfurization devices, i.e. humidification towers, desulfurization towers, slurry tanks, thickeners, oxidation tanks, venturi tubes, flues, chimneys, spray pipelines, biogas purification and treatment facilities, etc.

5.Transfer of production technology of a complete set of microcomputer controlled filament winding equipment, and the relevant guidance and training.

We are based on integrity, cherishing our reputation, delivering high-quality products, and providing the best after-sales service as a return to customers. We sincerely welcome customers from all walks of life to visit our company and give valuable advice.


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