Decking Designers or Decking Installer

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    There are lots of decking installers out there, good and bad just as there are designers. What do you think a potential client would choose?

    For me I believe that  they would prefer probably a little bit of both, some one that works to high standards as a lot of contractors do and some one who has the design flare that is lacking so often in these projects. 

    I see so many good installations around but I feel that with a twist and turn along with a meandering edge these extra elements can be the icing on the cake. Please do not think that I am slating these guys for one minute I appreciate  good workmanship, the thing is I produce high quality work but it lacks a little imagination, though my clients were generally happy. has now been turning out gardens for 24 years now and now these gardens do have design flair along with  a quality finish as now we understand the design process. In 2004 I attended a two year course at Pershore and without doubt it has been a massive benefit to our company.

    I am now able to understand the design principals such as scale, balance, contrast, unity etc, though I had a basic idea of design it is clear now in my projects I am achieving a higher standard of work.

    As long as the client is happy, which of course is the main objective – we have done our job.

    But please remember before you under take these projects think about Balance, Contrast, Unity Scale, Texture etc. as it could make a big difference.


    I look forward to you response.




    Yacht Decking

    if i would be the client ill be choosing to those who has certified standards and had a quality one..

    Yacht Decking Installation

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