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    There are lots of decking installers out there, good and bad just as there are designers. What do you think a potential client would choose?

    For me I believe that  they would prefer probably a little bit of both, some one that works to high standards as a lot of contractors do and some one who has the design flare that is lacking so often in these projects. 

    I see so many good installations around but I feel that with a twist and turn along with a meandering edge these extra elements can be the icing on the cake. Please do not think that I am slating these guys for one minute I appreciate  good workmanship, the thing is I produce high quality work but it lacks a little imagination, though my clients were generally happy. has now been turning out gardens for 24 years now and now these gardens do have design flair along with  a quality finish as now we understand the design process. In 2004 I attended a two year course at Pershore and without doubt it has been a massive benefit to our company.

    I am now able to understand the design principals such as scale, balance, contrast, unity etc, though I had a basic idea of design it is clear now in my projects I am achieving a higher standard of work.

    As long as the client is happy, which of course is the main objective – we have done our job.

    But please remember before you under take these projects think about Balance, Contrast, Unity Scale, Texture etc. as it could make a big difference.


    I look forward to you response.





    For me it does depend on the client and their expectations.

    The average client perhaps doesn’t know what is available and can only be influenced by the press or adverts of DIY stores and can therefore only see pine products.

    If the media were to realise that there is a massive choice of hardwoods, Exterpark, Millboard, Tech, etc then perhaps they would then consider a designer to guide them to the right choice. This design led process would then lend itself to the icing on the cake as you mentioned.

    In short I would recommend a decking designer to assist in most cases.





    Thanks for your response Karl, I wish everyone was as passionate about this subject as you and I.

    You are doing a great job in consumer awareness on this subject , it is of course about choice and product knowledg which will enable them to make an informed choice. would always offer the design choice first in order to at least get some clarity to the intended proposal of works.

    Cheers John 




    Yacht Decking

    if i would be the client ill be choosing to those who has certified standards and had a quality one..

    Yacht Decking Installation

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