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This decking was built in Newport on Tay, looking across towards Dundee. The main structure is steel and was built and installed by a local blacksmith, everything above it is C24 structural timber with deck tape, the deck board is Trex Tiki Torch. The glass rail is by Balconette and instead of it being curved its faceted, we’ve been partners with Balconette now for almost 12 years.

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking What’s your name, where you from and what do you do? My name is Simon Elms, I’m from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.  I trade as “Elmswood” or “Elmswood Decking” as I’ve become better known as.  My times served in the 80’s as a bench joiner, I love making things with my … Read more

professional trex inlay norfolk

Decking design and installation in Norwich

Decking design and installation in Norwich Darren Gooch, decking by name and decking by nature. This chap is an absolute professional when it comes to designing and building decking structures for domestic gardens. Rated as one of the top professionals for Trex® composite decking and is certified as a “Platinum Pro Installer” So, who is … Read more

Acceptable limits of decking

Acceptable limits of decking

Acceptable limits of decking Introduction to decking limits The limitations of a decking board and the understanding of these limitations is vital to the success of the installation. The consideration here is to appreciate that there are various limits that sometimes get overlooked. What are the limitations of the decking board? What are the limitations … Read more

Decking Seminar at The Landscape Show

Decking seminar at The Landscape Show The UK’s leading Landscaping trade event is dedicated to Landscapers, qualified garden designers, landscape architects, and architects. It is a platform to network and source industry-leading products to use in Landscaping. Hey “Decking Folk” this is for you… A gathering of like-minded Professionals all under one roof. What’s not … Read more

Balustrade image by TREX®

Do I need decking balustrade ?

Do I need decking balustrade? Building Regulations say when a balustrade has to be fitted to your decking. It’s there for your safety as it prevents you from falling off when the decking platform is too high. Balustrades can also form handrails when walking up and down stepped elements of the deck or garden. When … Read more

decking regulations guidelines specification

Deck building guidelines regulations and best practice

The best way to build a deck The best way to build a decking structure is to know that your deck is being built correctly. By using the correct materials and the best industry-standard construction you can be rest assured it will last. The deck-building guidelines, regulations and best practices have been adopted by the … Read more

Choose a professional decking installer

How to choose a Professional Decking Installer

How to choose a Professional Decking Installer Choose a professional decking installer Choosing a professional decking installer is vital to the success of your new deck and one that protects your investment. Professional decking installers are specialists in exactly that, they only concern themselves with decking. Some Landscaping companies specialise in decking design and installation … Read more

how to sumbit an article on the decking network

How to post an article on The Decking Network

How to post an article on The Decking Network Have you got pictures of a decking project you’ve installed? Want thousands of possible clients to see them? Perfect, put them on The Decking Network and people will find your website. Here is a step by step guide on how to add your own work to … Read more

Trex awards overall winners

Trex Decking annual awards

Trex Decking annual awards Arbor Forest Products announces winners of fifth anniversary Arbordeck Awards  Arbor Forest Products has announced the winners of the 2022 Arbordeck Awards. This includes the results of the first ever public vote in celebration of the awards’ fifth anniversary. Kent-based Browns Landscaping and Decking scooped the top Deck of the Year … Read more

Futurescape landscaping event

The Landscaping Exhibition at Futurescape 2023

The Landscaping Exhibition Futurescape 2022 The Landscaping industry showcased at its best, refined, well presented, and very well attended. This was a well thought out demonstration of the best materials, innovation, associations and most of all, people. Important seminars hosted by some of the best in the industry… If you missed it this year, then … Read more

how to get a decking quotation

How do I get a decking quote

How do I get a decking quote Do you ask yourself “How do I get a decking quote”, “who do I ask”, “What’s involved”…? This is an introduction to explain some of the processes involved to help you streamline the early stages of your decking project. Decking builders in my area Decking projects are usually … Read more

Small composite millboard decking

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham

Small Millboard deck in Ickenham Not all decks are equal and certainly not the same size or shape. Every garden that needs a place to site and relax will benefit from a decking terrace. Millboard Composite decking is a great choice for most gardens. Choosing the right decking for the project contributed to the success … Read more

Trex Composite Decking

True Octagon Composite Decking

True Octagon Composite decking This beautiful West Sussex property has had a recent edition to its already fascinating Special Uniquely Designed family home, that edition being a True Octagon Trex Composite decking. Detailed, tight and perfectly constructed, this immaculate decking terrace in Trex® Transcend composite decking. Nearly Zero Energy Building This property is an NeZEB … Read more

Decking apprentices course Myerscough

Decking apprentices course Myerscough The principals for the correct construction of decking is an important element of the education for modern apprentices studying landscaping. Curated by the Association of Professional Landscapers for the specialist training facility for Landscaping at Myerscough college. Importance of correct decking The decking apprentices course at Myerscough starts with a general … Read more