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Curved Decking at The Tower of London

Curved Decking at The Tower of London

August 25, 2022

Superbloom Decking in the moat “Building a deck terrace for Her Majesty has to be one of the most prestigious proposals ever”… said Karl Harrison. Karl Harrison has designed and built some of the most expensive, complex and luxury decks there are… but nothing prepared him for this one. The Savoy, The Corinthia and countless ... Read more

Decking Seminar at The Landscape Show

August 8, 2022

Decking seminar at The Landscape Show The UK’s leading Landscaping trade event is dedicated to Landscapers, qualified garden designers, landscape architects, and architects. It is a platform to network and source industry-leading products to use in Landscaping. Hey “Decking Folk” this is for you… A gathering of like-minded Professionals all under one roof. What’s not ... Read more

Can I have a fire pit on my decking?

Can I have a fire pit on my decking?

July 20, 2022

Can I have a fire pit on my decking? Of course, you may have a fire pit anywhere you like, where you put it is entirely up to you. Whether it should be there is totally different question. Modern gas fires or fires that use a liquid to produce flames are usually acceptable. These sorts ... Read more

Balustrade image by TREX®

Do I need decking balustrade ?

May 2, 2022

Do I need decking balustrade? Building Regulations say when a balustrade has to be fitted to your decking. It’s there for your safety as it prevents you from falling off when the decking platform is too high. Balustrades can also form handrails when walking up and down stepped elements of the deck or garden. When ... Read more

Hot Tub Decking in London

London Penthouse Decking Terrace

April 18, 2022

London Penthouse Decking Terrace This London rooftop sits like the crown jewels aloft the Corinthia apartments penthouse. A magnificent property with an exterior that befits its ambassadorial interior. The views allow almost all the landmark views London has to offer. In the region of 100 tonnes of podium landscape materials were curated and professionally landscaped ... Read more

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