Marketing Decking Top Tips

Top tips for making your Decking Social Media work

Here are 10 golden tips and tricks to making you, a professional decking installer, social media platforms successful! You have to post, you have to write, you have to link and you have to be proactive. Consistency is the key to success here.

Use keywords so you’re found in searches

Consider the keywords you want to be found for “TREX Decking installer in Blackburn” Then create sentences containing the same keywords words TREX, decking and also Blackburn for example.

Make sure your pictures look good

The images do really have to be good as 99% of the people looking at your posts are looking at the images first. Ask yourself are these scrolls stopping? It’s better to post a few really nice pictures rather than 20 untidy, blurry ones. Aim for 150 DPI hi-res pictures on all social platforms.

Tell the companies involved

Use the “@” to link directly to the materials manufacturer page, like @TrexCompany and this will attract people searching for this material and also may get the manufacturer to share your work… Also, if you @deckingnetwork we will like, comment and share your work to our Pro Decking group to help you gain exposure for free.

Link and tag the other materials you’ve used too, like @OwatrolUK if you’ve used decking oil or @CountrySupplies for your supplier. They’ll also share and like your posts. This is all positive exposure for your company.

Tag your keywords

 Use the “#” before tagging words like Trex. decking, design, terrace, deckingnetwork. Doing this will help get these posts found in searches. Think about what your potential clients will search to find a professional like yourself.

Link to your website

Link to your website, this will help guide potential clients to you directly. Even better if you have a Facebook business page, make sure you’ve made an @ for your company. Make sure it’s a simple one and not a 35 word email or website… keep it simple and easy for others to tag you. The companies you’ve tagged like @TrexCompany will want to tag you back when they share your work. Make their life easier and you will get much more in return.

Post regularly, consistency is key

 Frequency is vital to the success of your posts, aim for two per week. much more and you’ll only come across as spam… it may do more harm than good. Focus on quality over quantity. If you’re struggling for time then you can schedule posts in advance easily. Check out Facebook Creator Studio to schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Check your spelling

Sounds simple but Your riting must bee good like wot I can wen I wiz a childron otherwise you lose the engagement… correct spelling and grammar is essential. Use something free like Grammarly, it will check your grammar and spelling for you instantly.

Be reactive to your engagement

You have to respond to comments in an efficient manner… Ideally as quickly as possible. Have your phone notifications turned on so even when you’re on-site you can react when you have a spare minute? If you ignore or put off until the weekend then you’ll lose interest. You have to be polite and in most cases, suggest a PM (private message) or email.

Likewise, when the manufacturer you tagged shares your post and says you did a fantastic job making sure you like and comment on that post. Even share it back to your page so everyone can see the positive things said about you and your company.

I don’t have time

If you don’t have time, best get someone to manage your social media accounts for you. They’ll link them together, they’ll also share them on their social media platforms. they will do better than you probably will because this is their profession. They may not be able to build you a deck but they can build you a following. Like most professions, not everyone is as good as they say they are. Make sure you choose someone that knows what they are talking about and not just writing you invoices. Do they know the landscaping industry and have they worked with similar companies?

If you get promised to have 30,ooo new followers or comments within a week or so … STAY AWAY AS THIS IS JUNK/SPAM… it will certainly cause more harm than good.

Who is your target audience and what do you want from them?

Consider your audience. Are you a finishing school for wannabe decking companies and giving your trade secrets away or are you searching for more clients? There is a massive difference in your message and tone for different audiences.

Think about where you post. Posting in a way that your target audience can see your work is essential to get them to engage in your services. Posting on a closed or secret group is only promoting yourself to the other members in that group.