Tips and Ideas for your new deck

Tips and Ideas for your new deck

How to choose the right deck boards

This is an informative collection of helpful Tips and Ideas for your new deck.

The right decking boards are the products that you like the look and feel of. You may wish to consider the warranty and the maintenance requirements.

There are many different decking boards, pine is the most popular in the UK due to cost.

TOP TIP – if you are using a wood deck then please use a smooth finish. It’s less slippery, far easier to maintain and lasts much longer than grooved decking

Modified woods come next, these are not treated boards but instead have been modified at a cellular level. Accoya is at the top of the tree here with many different profiles and finishes available. A close second is Kebony, a beautiful rich brown colour, this is a far better choice than any hardwood.

Bamboo is making a statement in the decking world. It has the tensile strength of mild steel and impact resistance of concrete. Bamboo decking by GRAD systems UK is a sensible choice for a long lasting, durable and has an incredible framing system.

Hardwoods have become a no! This being due to their poor environmental credentials and lack of demand. They are expensive and cost more than most decks for a professional installation.

The winner is the composite decking boards. Usually with sensible warranties and matching components. They have a good selection of colours and are much easier to maintain than a natural timber. The better brands are certainly the most popular and as far as most Deck Pro’s are concerned are Trex® and Millboard®… There are others

How to build your decking structure

Your decking structure is the frame that supports the decking. If you are building your frame it must comply with the current regulations and planning considerations. It is advisable to use a Deck Pro to build your deck but if you have to DIY then you’ve found the right place. The Decking Network wants you to build your deck correctly and is on hand to help where possible. Check out the Networks help decking information here

TOP TIP – employ a designer to draw your frame for you

Your decking frame is best build from a UC4 (Use Class) treated structure of timber. This comprises of Beams and Joists. Your Beams are there to support your Joists and it’s your beams that the posts are fixed to. There are strict tables that you should follow when building your decking frame. The frame must be built to withstand an evenly distributed load of 1.5kN for domestic use. Don’t worry if you don’t understand this as there are a set of tables for download here.

You may opt for a fully plastic support structure or even an aluminium structure. These have different span tables and your supplier should advise you.

What support posts are best

The best support posts are materials that don’t rot. If you must use UC4 treated posts, 100mm x 100mm is the minimum size set into firm ground and at least 40Kgs of concrete for a low-level deck. Post sleeves and other silly ideas on compound early rotting and I really would bother with them. if you want the longest lasting wooden posts you should char them before concreting in.

FH Brundle supply plastic support post material in 3.6 metre lengths of 95mm x 95mm which are perfect for this job. You can also use concrete or steel posts, they are much harder to use but do last for ever

TOP TIP – If you don’t know you should ask a Deck Pro

How do I fix my decking

If you are using pine, Accoya or Kebony the best screws are stainless steel. Try Carpenters Mate Bugle head screws as these are fit for purpose and will last. Predrill the holes first to avoid the wood splitting and make sure they line up by careful marking out.

If you are using a composite decking product then you MUST use the manufacturers fixing system. Millboard and Trex both have their own specialist fixings and if you don’t use them you will invalidate the warranty.

How do I look after my decking

This is another “What does the manufacturer advise”? If it’s a natural decking material then look no further than Owatrol products. These guys are specialist in exterior decking maintenance products from strippers, cleaners to oils and protective coatings

If you would like more Tips and Ideas for your new deck then contact the Decking Network directly [email protected] 


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