Sustainable decking for Royal Opera House

Kebony Grad decking is a sustainable choice

Kebony has been honoured for this prestigious decking project for One of London’s most historic and cultural buildings. The Royal Opera House in Covent Gardens now has the fourth flooring re-laid with Kebony Clear Grad® System decking. This is all about designing and installing sustainable decking for the Royal Opera House.

Stanton Williams Architects choose Grad System decking for Royal Opera House

Sustainability, durability, stability and longevity are all reasons why Stanton Williams Architects specified Kebony. Kebony is a softwood that has been modified in such a way that the natural wood becomes harder and more durable than most other timbers used for decking. The Architects also wanted a seamless installation, a system of clean lines and no fixings visible. The only answer to solve this problem was presented by Alfresco Flooring with the Grad System® which works seamlessly with Kebony.

Kebony and Grad System is the perfect combination for decking

When searching for a decking system that is designed for ease of installation, is long lasting and durable, Grad wins.

Grad System decking is a series of aluminium joists with special clips that fix underneath the boards. This means there are no fixings on show, and you can produce a real luxury floor as your decking. The system has been available across Europe for many years and has been championed by the flooring specialists at Alfresco Flooring. Alfresco Flooring were responsible for showcasing sustainable decking for the Royal Opera House.

Alfresco Floors are specialist commercial decking installers

These guys are specialists in Landscaping Systems and Innovators of technology. They have been at the forefront of decking installations across London since 1997 which is incredible. They have tens of thousands of square metres of exceptional projects in their portfolio and are the UK’s leading high end commercial decking company

Chris Short, Marketing Director at Alfresco Floors commented  “We are incredibly proud to have played a part in the redevelopment of one of London’s most iconic buildings. The use of innovative technology and materials such as the GRAD decking system and Kebony wood were essential to the success of the stunning creative space, and we are certainly excited to see the huge variety of events and activities that will take place on the deck for years to come.”

The Royal Opera House  has been open to the public since its refurbishment from September 2018.

Further information about Grad System decking in the UK

If you require further information about Grad System decking please find your way directly to their website here.


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