The fastest decking to install in your garden

The fastest decking to install in your garden

“The fastest decking to install in your garden. The smoothest decking to walk over, the longest lasting decking there is…” and many other phrases banded out there. Is this a fair representation of the product, is this a true comparison?

What is the fastest decking to install in your garden

This has to be a system that has a premade joists system with clips already attached where the decking simply clicks into place. I found this video of a new decking system being compared to a pine deck. Take a look at the full video and make your own comments.

Lucky decking

Now sometimes the decking installer (we shall call them “The pro” in this blog) gets lucky. No holes to dig due to a substantial concrete or patio base to lay over. Assuming the client is receptive to an installation with no posts or indeed anything securing the frame to the ground you’d have to agree. Before you jump up and down screaming at the writer that all decks must be secured to posts concreted to the ground, consider this.

“A roof top deck has no support posts and is a simple frame set out above pedestals to keep everything level”.

 In this instance nothing is mechanically fixed to the roof… so what wrong with this installation technique in a garden. I would argue that there nothing wrong with a pedestal and joists arrangement so longs as the area it sits on is sound.

What’s the big deal in a speedy install

As long as the decking is fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers instruction; why not use a system that installs faster than any other. If the joists are set out correctly for your evenly distributed load and can form a 1.5kN structured platform, then why not! It must be considered that there are a lot of decking products out there that need predrilling, clips and other fandagled methods of installation. If there is a system that allows The Pro to perform a rapid install, then it should be considered.

Traditional decking verses Grad System decking
Traditional decking verses Grad System decking

Is it all lies and marketing baloney?

The two systems shouldn’t be compared. The pine proposition on the left is a shocker and fit for a few days at best. Ok, the joist centres appear to be ok (BS5268-7.1 refers) but there’s nothing supporting the joists except the floor.

  1. The decking hasn’t been correctly spaced and the gaps between the decking boards are all over the place.
  2. The fixings are through the surface which looks cheap, they haven’t been predrilled nor countersunk.
  3. It appears to be a little rushed and no self-respecting client would pay the bill for it.

The Grad System on the right, well, as much as I want to knock it, I am struggling too. The system is in a league of its own.

  1. Premanufactured joists.
  2. Pre-fitted clips perfectly spaced and accurate to the millimetre (1/25 inch or 0.03937”).
  3. Insanely high quality decking material. Accoya, Kebony, Bamboo and others.
  4. No surface drilling, plugging, holes, visible screws.
  5. Perfectly gapped between bords which is consistent.
  6. Maximum airflow between the boards and the joists
  7. No joist taping.
  8. Removable boards in seconds (and you can replace them even quicker)
  9. Comfort profile on the surface of the boards
  10. This list is almost endless, and I really do hope someone can point out a negative

I think a better comparison would be compare this system to another click together system, a like for like. Perhaps it could be compared to an Ipe or high end Teak decking which is expertly fitted by a pro. The time difference would be days and not minutes.

One should always consider oiling your decking… try Owatrol… It’s what The Pros use.

Until such a true comparison exists, I shall be here waiting to purchase a painting of a disappointed horse.

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