Floating planters by Karl Harrison

Iroko decking terrace by Karl Harrison

Iroko decking terrace by Karl Harrison Iroko FSC is a certified hardwood used for this central London Garden balcony scheme. The subtle contrast between the timber and the steel will soften over time as the timber weathers. The plants will grow, and this will become a beautiful balcony retreat over the next few years. Iroko … Read more

This decking was built in Newport on Tay, looking across towards Dundee. The main structure is steel and was built and installed by a local blacksmith, everything above it is C24 structural timber with deck tape, the deck board is Trex Tiki Torch. The glass rail is by Balconette and instead of it being curved its faceted, we’ve been partners with Balconette now for almost 12 years.

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking Trex decking in Aberdeen is an increasingly popular garden feature. To create a composite decking terrace provides a purpose in your garden, a place to site and relax. The Decking Network has interviewed a local decking designer, builder and Pro Trex installer based in Aberdeen. What’s your name, where … Read more

garden living wall

Incorporating elements of nature in landscaping projects

Incorporating elements of nature in landscaping projects. Lockdown has led to a surge in interest in gardening and home improvements, and a greater appreciation of our outdoor spaces. The need for our homes and gardens to be calming and restorative spaces has never been so important. Biophilic design is a growing trend, with architects and … Read more

Automatic Garden Watering Buckinghamshire

Automatic garden watering in Beaconsfield

Automatic garden watering in Beaconsfield When creating a fully automatic garden watering system, it’s important that you use the services of a professional irrigation company. Even more so if your watering system is to be installed in and around a decking platform. Top garden water irrigation tips The Decking Network asked Alex from Blue Skies … Read more

Aluminium Decking by Mextru

Maintenance free, non-slip MEXTRU aluminium decking

Maintenance free, non-slip aluminium decking It’s not timber, it’s not a composite, it is maintenance free, its fire rated and its non slip aluminium decking. This is rather good folks, the frame doesn’t rot, the decking doesn’t rot, warranted for just about ever too. It’s decking but not as we know it, a revolution and … Read more

How to design a smart garden

How to design a smart garden for your home

How to design a smart garden for your home The ultimate in landscape gardening is to incorporate home automation into the design. Home automation is a process where anything that has a power supply, can be switched on and off can be automated and set to create scenes and events. “These gardens are called Smart … Read more

Are Porcelain Tiles Easy to Maintain?

How to choose the right porcelain paving Porcelain tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for decoration both inside and outside of the home. There are several advantages in regards to porcelain when compared with other substances such as ceramic, stone or wood. However, one of the most pronounced benefits is that porcelain is extremely … Read more

timber effect ceramic tiles

Ceramic Timber or Timber Ceramic?

Ever wanted 0 Maintenance decking that won’t move and will stay the same colour forever? Whilst being eco sustainable and non slip? Well in 30mmx120mm and at 20mm thick you could have Oak or Noce Ceramic Paving which will do all of that. This is perfect for the terraces/ balconies that only have a 90mm build up when the client wants decking! Also available … Read more

Caesar Ceramic Decor paving

Introducing Caesar Ceramic Decor paving

With Aextra20, Caesar transfers the concept of ceramic decoration to the collections with 20mm thickness, in order to increase the creative potential of outdoor spaces. The Groove decor is available in Silver gray, Golden stone and Trendy black of the Aextra20 range. Created with the engraving of geometrical patterns or floral profiles on the slab … Read more

porcelain paving installation

Porcelain paving installed outside.

Porcelain paving installed onto gravel. Ceramic paving for outside offers 4 installation methods, This gives you the ability to use the most effective installation method to save time and give the best finish possible. Gravel installation is perfect when creating residential/ commercial gardens and pathways. Not only is using gravel easy but it gives you … Read more