Introducing Caesar Ceramic Decor paving

With Aextra20, Caesar transfers the concept of ceramic decoration to the collections with 20mm thickness, in order to increase the creative potential of outdoor spaces. The Groove decor is available in Silver gray, Golden stone and Trendy black of the Aextra20 range. Created with the engraving of geometrical patterns or floral profiles on the slab surface, it offers a visual and tactile aesthetic impact.

The Frame decor, offered in the colours Cement, Rope and Ground. Obtained via special manufacturing process on the slab surface, enriches the space with delicate shade-on-shade colour strokes. The Aextra20 colours can be used to create original paths, chessboard installation patterns alternated with non-decorated tiles or used individually as decorative elements.

see below the whole range of frame and groove décor paving:

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