Composite decking ideas in New Malden

Composite decking ideas in New Malden

Trex decking installer near me

Trex composite decking installed in a beautiful garden in New Malden by decking experts at Thames-Side decking. For decking ideas near you in new Malden look no further than these guys, led by Oliver Davies.

Trex Rainier decking in New Malden

One of the latest decking material created by Trex is called “Rainier” and it’s from the Trex Transcend® Lineage™ range. It has a 50 year warranty and unmatched when compared to other decking brands.

Composite decking designer chosen by client

Oliver Davies was chosen from several other local companies as he offered a comprehensive decking service. His 3D decking designs impressed the client and with such detailed specification and quotation made it difficult for the client to say no.

Oliver said “The client wanted the best decking in the UK, so I had really only one choice. Trex® for me is a no brainer, it’s great to install and with a 50 year warranty gives the customer peace of mind for a lifetime in their garden. For me it’s the colour of the boards and their inherent durability, there’s nothing to compare Trex® too.”

The decking detail

The posts, beams and joists were designed to conform the current “Best Industry Practice” and by following current regulations. There were also planning considerations which had to be followed as there are several laws and bylaws that must be adhered too.

The decking is designed to give the clients a usable garden terrace, it offers great use of space with a simple and stylish design.

Editor “Loving this project, that central line breaker board looks perfectly placed to line up with the centre of the step arrangement, great job”

Problems solved by using composite decking

Oliver said that when removing the old deck and excavating there was two skips of “builders rubbish” under the deck. Plenty of waste concrete that had to be broken out certainly wasn’t accounted for but it was removed because it would be detrimental to the project. The Decking Network asked Oliver about the excavation. “So, Oliver, why couldn’t you leave the old rubbish and concrete under the new deck? His answer was perfect, he said “You need to have as much airflow as possible under the deck which enhances the longevity and gives the client the best return on their investment”.

Trex No1 Brand of composite decking
Trex No1 Brand of composite decking

Feedback review

They were very pleased with the deck and said. “I can highly recommend Oliver and his team at Thames-side Decking”.

Project details

  • Location                                         New Malden, London
  • Material used                                Trex Transcend® lineage™ Rainier, Trex Protect® joist tape , Trex Hideaway®, UC4 treated Joists
  • Designer                                         Oliver Davies
  • Clients                                            Mr and Mrs TJ
  • Contractor                                     Thames-Side Decking

If you are looking for composite decking ideas in New Malden do contact Oliver directly here [email protected]

Other Trex materials can be seen here 

composite decking ideas in New Malden
composite decking ideas in New Malden
decking installer New Malden
decking installer New Malden
New Malden Trex Rainier london
New Malden Trex Rainier london


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