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Barry John Davis

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NADRA (North Amercian Deck & Railing Association)


Decking Installation, Decking Supplier

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4a Mill Crescent

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North Warks


B78 2LT



Consultant and International Ambassador for NADRA (North American Deck & railing Association) active globally in the decking and composites market for 25 years.

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cladco composite decking

Misleading information from decking manufacturer

August 14, 2023

Misleading information from decking manufacturer I had the misfortune today to have to read an article by Cladco. They are comparing their hollow uncapped Chinese manufactured composite decking to Trex. They also summarise that the hollow was the better buy. The following are my comments on this Material Composition Trex Composite Decking Boards are made ... Read more

The best composite decking in the world

Composite Decking Awareness

December 5, 2019

Composite Decking Awareness ( Part 1) So what is the difference between a good product and a poor one. The key element is the fibre used, hardwood is better than softwood which is better than wheat straw, the latter freemen’s when wet. Next is the particle size of the fibre as too large is as ... Read more

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