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Decorum.London Ltd

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Decorum.London Ltd


Decking Installation, Landscaping Professional

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Creator of the Decking Network for professional decking news and information for everyone, I am a Designer, Creator and Landscaping consultant – APL, PGCA and IET member.

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kebony decking installation

Kebony, choosing the most sustainable hardwood decking for UK projects

November 19, 2019

Decking may be the easiest or the most difficult decision for your landscape garden project. That being said, should the unsuspecting employ a garden designer or timber consultant when asking, the choices are really quite simple. This contemporary garden design scheme demanded sustainability as well as durability. It also needed an overriding natural beauty, this ... Read more

smoked oak grey millboard composite decking

How to choose a Millboard installer in Amersham, Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross

October 31, 2019

When you have decided that you would like a new decking terrace in your Amersham garden then there is a local company with a wealth of experience when Millboard is on the drawing board. Karl Harrison has been designing and installing decking projects across the UK and Europe since 2003. Decorum.London is based in Sky ... Read more

Choosing the right Hardwood Decking

April 13, 2017

Choosing the right decking or even getting the right advice may be a daunting task made very simple if you ask the right person the right questions. Yes one can propose additional works to your contractor or builder but this seldom proves the right choice… who has designed it, who has calculated the imposed loads ... Read more

Steton Thicknesser planer 530 i for sale

November 3, 2015

 I have a brilliant heavy duty Thicknesser Planer made by Steton. We bought it off the Wood working shop next door to us when they closed down. We thought we would have use for it but not really something we use… We did have the whole thing overhauled, and spent over £1000 having a full ... Read more

Iroko Hardwood Bench as part of a Landscaping scheme

September 17, 2014

Decorum.London has completed an Iroko hardwood timber project in Kew Bridge for a main contractor as part of a new housing development. These Bespoke timber structures and part of a larger landscaping scheme that form the private gardens for the residence. Our works were to design the timber element, large sections of FSC Iroko fixed ... Read more

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