Trex designer decking in Catworth, Cambridgeshire

Trex designer decking by Composite Decking Lifestyles

Trex designer decking in Catworth Cambridge designed and expertly installed by Composite Decking Lifestyles. Their use of Trex® composite decking to create this stylish space is a testimony to the quality of the product. This has maximised the use of the space for the homeowner because it’s stylish. The design has proven its practical use for the homeowner’s social lifestyle. Trex designer decking in Catworth Cambridgeshire is one for the shortlist.

Decking designer in Cambridgeshire

Carl Boreham’s’ creative concept won the design phase of the project.  The geometric design complimented the shapes in the architecture of the building. The clients said, “The outdoor space which is both aesthetically appealing and practical for us to host regular social events outside.” The clients enjoyed the colour arrangement and great choice offered by Trex®.

Trex composite decking materials

Contemporary and modern, angles and parallel lines are the brief for this project. Trex Transcend® Gravel Path boards with a Trex Transcend® Island Mist border is the perfect combination.

Standalone furniture with integrated features such as electrical sockets, USB points, Bluetooth speakers and heating added to the garden.

Deck lighting in your deck

Lighting your Trex deck adds that evening touch of sparkle. The party with friends, the BBQ and the fun are all brought together with lighting. It adds a safe dynamic for the garden and looks amazing at the same time.

Carl Boreham said. “Our experience in transforming gardens means we are able to help you with the design if required and we pride ourselves in providing an interactive customer experience. We engage with clients during the decision-making process in order to provide them with the best use of the space available. We are passionate about making gardens look and feel like a beautiful place to spend time, rain or shine”.

Trex designer decking in Catworth, Cambridgeshire

Composite Decking Lifestyles are a professional decking company. Well versed in many construction skills and love building gardens with decking. They are Based in Cambridgeshire and will be delighted to receive your call on 07968 729 568 or email them directly here

Designer           Carl Boreham

Location           Catworth, Cambridgeshire

Contractor        Composite Decking Lifestyles

Are you looking for a Trex designer decking in Catworth, Cambridgeshire. Just incase your consider a new deck for your garden, it may be worth you knowing that these guys are TrexPro’s. This means they have had several of their project inspected and reached the high expectations of the Trex® Team

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