Certified Decking Course at TASK

Certified Decking Course at TASK Academy

Created as a UK first by the TASK Academy for the Landscaping industry. Decking design and construction training to Current British standards which include Euro Code 5 and in accordance with the best industry practice (BiP). Accredited and certified by LANTRA with endorsements by the Association of Professional Landscapers, it is a vital component to land based training.

Decking is an important element of our diverse landscape design and even more so that its designed and built correctly.

The principles for the understanding and application of decking is an important element of the education for modern landscapers and Professional decking installers.

This course is run for the Professional Decking Installers, Landscapers, Garden designers. It is not specific upon one brand of decking, this course covers many composites, real woods as well as modified timbers.

Who are TASK ?

Learn a broad range of practical skills in landscaping installation and maintenance with TASK. As the only independent landscape training centre in ‘the heart of’ England, they’re here to provide accredited courses to train Professional Landscapers, Professional Designers, and Professional Gardeners. LANTRA Certified Decking Course at TASK Academy is a vital training component of every professionals tool box.

Legalities of decking

Litigation is becoming second nature to many companies providing one of the many professional landscaping services. Decking is one of the most complex components of landscaping and with no exception to the law.

The course dives headfirst into the very heart of what makes a decking design correct. By taking instruction to British Standards and EC5 then having it explained in detail makes for efficient decking design and construction. The course highlights that correct understanding and application of these important directives will not only give you a professional deck build, it also protects you from legal action.

Decking course content

Topics such as “what is wood” and “why does it behave in the way it does” to the calculation of posts, beams and joist positioning. Modules with the latest information and advice on best industry practice for building a deck. What types of posts should you use, dimension of timber materials and how they should be connected to avoid failure.

An important tip of the day is “You build a deck for today but you should consider how it will perform tomorrow”. One of the course staples is to make the designer or landscaper think.

  • How to monetise the installation of decking, setting up and operating a successful decking business.
  • Planning permission and Building Control
  • Introduction to balustrades and stair construction
  • Composites in General, Modified woods, Hard and Softwoods and their characteristics
  • The all important regulations that conform to the latest British Standards

Timber decking and so much more

“info burst” is in every module and enable everyone to benefit from the very latest and up to date methods and best practice; this contains essential information of “why”, “how”, and “what for” included.

Modified materials such as Accoya® is covered in detail. Accoya has a 50-year warranty and makes for exceptional decking applications. “Pine decks are cheap and don’t last long” is examined and discussed in depth. Poorly constructed decks are cheap and don’t last long, whereas a correctly constructed pine deck will last 25 years.

Karl Harrison said. “It is an important collection of relevant information. These guys will leave here, build correctly and inherit efficiencies for their companies moving forward”.

The student takeaway

The Students took away valuable decking information with them. Setting out a decking frame using BS5268 and EC5 tables with guidance notes promulgated by the Association of Professional Landscapers

“This is priceless information and will save my company a small fortune”. 

This comment was borne out of the section on setting out posts and beams. The student realised that compared to a normal small deck they would save one beam and 5 posts. If this was considered across a 20 sq. m of decking per week the saving would be in the thousands of pounds. All of this whilst staying within the regulations.

Deck training

TASK is a unique educational establishment that train small groups of Decking Pro’s, Professional Landscapers, Designers and Apprentices. TASK are concerned with Professionals from the Landscaping industry. There is certainly something for everyone to benefit from the course.

If you are wanting a professional deck training course over 2 days then there is nothing better than the TASK training academy in Pershore. They are hosted several times a year, with specialist one day training courses for Garden designers and two day courses for installers.

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Special thanks

A well-deserved thanks to Rupert Keys and the team at TASK, the APL and LANTRA

Decking Training Academy at TASK
Decking Training Academy at TASK

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