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Balustrade ideas for decking

Balustrade ideas for decking Are you searching for ideas for different styles of balustrade to match your decking. This is a simple list of 6 different types of balustrade. I know my favourite, which is yours? FH Brundle have everything in stock and usually delivery the next day. If you have a questions to contact … Read more

This decking was built in Newport on Tay, looking across towards Dundee. The main structure is steel and was built and installed by a local blacksmith, everything above it is C24 structural timber with deck tape, the deck board is Trex Tiki Torch. The glass rail is by Balconette and instead of it being curved its faceted, we’ve been partners with Balconette now for almost 12 years.

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking

Aberdeen Glass Railing and Trex decking Trex decking in Aberdeen is an increasingly popular garden feature. To create a composite decking terrace provides a purpose in your garden, a place to site and relax. The Decking Network has interviewed a local decking designer, builder and Pro Trex installer based in Aberdeen. What’s your name, where … Read more

Decking Balustrade Options

A balustrade makes the perfect finishing touch to any decked area. There are a number of different balustrade systems on the market, but broadly speaking, the most popular options seem to be wood and glass/metal. Which is the better of these two choices? It all depends on the effect that you’re aiming to achieve.   … Read more