Decking Balustrade Options

A balustrade makes the perfect finishing touch to any decked area. There are a number of different balustrade systems on the market, but broadly speaking, the most popular options seem to be wood and glass/metal.

Which is the better of these two choices? It all depends on the effect that you’re aiming to achieve.


glass balustrade system is ideal for creating a contemporary look in your outdoor space. The ultra-modern combination of stainless steel and toughened glass gives very futuristic results, and they’re sure to make your deck stand out.



A wooden railing system, on the other hand, is a more traditional choice. If you’re trying to create a classic ‘white picket fence’ garden, then finishing your deck with a wooden rail will fit your design scheme to a T; this option also allows you to experiment with different colours, and even add built-in lights to your balustrade.



Which decking balustrade option do you prefer – glass or wood?

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