Choosing sustainable composite decking

Choosing sustainable composite decking

Decking is on trend, it’s fashionable, its needed and a professional designed decking platform is perfect for your garden.

The UK has experienced a growing trend for upgrading our gardens. As we know, this has led to the popularity of outdoor decking like Trex.

Reducing the environmental impact of all projects is an important consideration and certainly a client focus. Pro installers and homeowners are considering their carbon footprint in all areas of the garden. This includes decking.

What about wood?

“Timber decking is the most environmentally conscious option.”

                                                                                                                                          But is that always true?

That depends on the source of the information. At Arbordeck, their timber is from well-managed forests. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or which carries ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’ (PEFC) status. Their clients can be reassured that the timber for their softwood decking boards meets the standards for sustainably sourced timber.

However, as installers know all too well, timber decking is with its own issues. The need for regular and ongoing maintenance is always apparent. This is over years and will require both energy and the use of chemicals. Not all wood-stains or treatments can claim to be environmentally friendly either. The operation carbon factor is affected by using sanders and other machinery to keep a timber deck in good shape. (that is, the carbon footprint generated by any building or project once it is in use).

There is a sensible solution at hand, as composite decking like Trex offers both sustainability and longevity, without the need for regular upkeep. Trex is one of the most recognised brands which boasts up to 50 years for its warranty.

Is composite really a green option?

Trex IS a green decking solution. It is vital to indicate that the composite decking market has expanded considerably in the past five years. There is a plethora of new decking boards flooding into the UK market. Caveat Emptor not all of which are as environmentally minded as Trex, or anywhere near the same quality.

It is important for installers and decking owners to understand the different types of decking. “What makes a high-quality, environmentally sound, quality decking board different from the rest.”

The best quality options are solid-core composite decking boards, such as Trex. These boards have excellent environmental credentials as well as offering a guarantee of 25, 25 and 50 years when correctly installed.

Solid-core decking and associated fascia’s, like Trex, offer lots of advantages. The materials used for the manufacture of Trex are important for everyone. Trex decking boards are made using up to 95 per cent recycled materials. This includes both post-consumer wood and plastic waste. These are plastic bags, packaging and milk bottles, which would usually be destined for landfill.

Trex has taken steps to further reduce the impact of its manufacturing processes at its US-based factories. This includes recycling scrapped boards back through the factory. The recycling of water using sophisticated closed-loop recirculation systems to reduce water use.

Trex is the gold-standard of decking boards. The board comes with a minimum of a 25 year warranty for domestic installations. The boards won’t warp, split or fade meaning that there is no need for maintenance chemicals.

From the factory to your front door

Of course, for plenty of outdoor materials – from timber to stone – carbon footprint can be affected by importing and transportation.

There’s more good news here; Trex is finding new ways to ‘green’ its deliveries too. It is increasingly turning to more environmentally sound transport policies which includes transport by rail rather than road. Trex has adapted its practice to deliver raw materials direct to the factory site rather than storing them off-site first.

Choose Trex decking

When choosing sustainable composite decking, choose a Trex deck, you can be assured that they’re working with a supplier which has put in place measures to ensure that the carbon footprint of deliveries is kept down too.

Arbor Forest Products are constantly seeking new ways to reduce their environmental impact. by using more low-carbon vehicles, and only mobilising when a vehicle is full. This is made possible by their unique Warehouse on Wheels concept.

So, you can enjoy the great outdoors safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the planet while you do.

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