Designing a new composite deck

Designing a new composite deck in Amersham

Karl Harrison is a decking designer and his main focus is the correct design for the whole structure. He designs Composite Prime, Ecodek, Millboard and TREX decking projects based in Amersham. Since 2002 Karl has been fascinated by the lack of regulation and correct construction of decking structures. He has since created a “Decking Guide Specification” for the Association of Professional landscapers where he is a member.

Most people overlook the structure underneath the decking, it is important that this is designed to last as long as the warranty of the decking sat on to it.

Replacing an old pine deck for a new composite deck

The clients have an existing grooved softwood deck that’s seen better days. It’s starting to show its age and the deck grooves make it hard to keep clean, its slippery most of the year. Not ideal for any homeowner or indeed anyone. In need of a suitable replacement to make it safe again they asked Karl to design them a new decking terrace.

Designing a new composite deck

Upgrading a softwood deck to composite decking

The clients knew they would prefer to have a more modern looking terrace. They needed some ideas on how they could get more out of the space. They’d been considering how can they re design the area to give a better and more usable space. Karl’s first design iteration incorporated a new lower terrace this is where you could have a table and chairs for dining. This would keep the top terrace clear and easier to navigate. Accompanied with some contemporary floating steps these would get you from the upper terrace to the lower.

Using contrasting composite decking colours

Considering which composite decking material to use Karl wanted to delineate between the two-new bijou decking terraces. Using two different colours probably a light vs dark grey would add to the contemporary aesthetic. Karl chose to specify Trex decking because of its contemporary look and 25-year warranty.

Designing a new composite deck

Cost saving composite decking without compromise

The clients loved the initial design and were very excited with the direction Karl had taken. Slightly less excited with the cost to do such a thing Karl came up with some clever cost saving ideas. Simplifying their design a little you can see by trimming the upper terrace, actually saves 10% in materials. This alteration means the client still gets to have the high quality Trex composite decking they wanted without the compromise.

Designing a new composite deck

Take a step into Karl’s decking design hub where he talks about this project in more detail.

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