The best composite decking in the world

The best Composite decking in the World

Which composite decking would you call “The best composite decking in the world” ?

Which is your Favourite Composite Decking… This list is in no particular order of course, so do have a look online to see what the reviews really are. Comments are welcome below.

Ecodek composite decking made in England
Ecodek composite decking made in England
dura composite decking
Dura Composite decking in the UK


Trex composite decking
Trex Composite decking in the UK


TimberTech composite decking
Composite decking in the UK


Silvadec composite decking
Silvadec Composite decking in the UK


SAiGE composite decking
SAiGE Composite decking in the UK


MoistureShield composite decking
Moistureshield Composite decking in the UK


Millboard Composite decking
Millboard Composite decking in the UK



Fiberon composite decking
Fiberon Composite decking in the UK


Composite prime composite decking
Composite Prime decking in the UK


designboard composite decking
DesignBoard Composite decking in the UK

Choosing the best composite decking.

If you are embarking upon a new composite decking project,  you have positive decisions to make. The colour, dimensions, weight, composition, warranty, fixing method, texture and anti-slip are all considerations.

This page isn’t about suggesting which is the best. This is list of probable composite decking choices that you and for you to choose which you recon is best.

Installation advice for composite decking

Simple one this folks, as they all have different manufacturers, they all have their own installation instructions. I would say “Don’t follow them at your peril”. Some decking platforms have to be level and some are instaled at a fall ratio of 1:80. Some are with surface fixed screws and others are with a clip of some description. Once you have made your choice I would get your installer to agree to abide by the installation guidelines from the specific manufacturer. You warranty will not stand cross examination if you say ” well the builder said it would be ok as he knew best”… Each decking manufacturer tells you what screws to use, you should use them.

Professional decking installation

Have a look at the different boards, select a few samples and ask if they can recommend a local company to design and instal for you. Some manufacturers have a training course for Landscaping companies to train and become authorised installers… these are the guys you can trust.

Decking warranty

It would be a sensible to ensure that you have in writing from the manufacturer that your decking project is covered by their warranty. No all companies do this and many companies not listed in the list above don’t have a warranty… please be aware.


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4 thoughts on “The best composite decking in the world”

  1. To answer this hugmungous question one would need some broad exposure to such products at different levels: commercial, technical and aesthetic to limit it with some credibility.

    Aesthetically my vote would go to Trex Transcend, commercially to newtechwood and technically to Moistureshield with the overall winner being Timbertech.

  2. Millboard isn’t a real composite, it’s made from new products and is painted, which can peal. Timber tech has some amazing looking boards but is most expensive product on market and has to be side fixed which isn’t great if you need to every take a board up. Hyperion has two ranges, the hollow board fades really bad but the full solid range is good. Any cheap generation one style board really isn’t worth using, tends to need 300mm joists so additional frame work and labour fixing doesn’t make it much cheaper. They tend to fade and mark easily. Trex is to be honest my go to product, it has 3 ranges. Good better best. I’d go best over the other two due to it being a full solid composite board with a harder capped finish. It also has a range of products to compliment it. Facia boards, colour coded screws and pro plug system. They also sell joist protect tape to prolong the timber frame.