Approved Decking Installer Schemes

Approved Decking Installers Schemes UK

The vast majority of decking manufacturers will have professional decking installer schemes. These schemes are a way of ensuring that the contractors they recommend to install their decking are providing a professional service and installing the materials properly.

Are they good for business?

Yes, getting an endorsement from the manufacturer is one of the best ways to gain trust and confidence from clients. Most approved installer schemes will get you listed on the manufacturer’s website linking to your own website. Some will even give your company its own web page where your clients can leave feedback and you can show off project pictures. Clients are usually able to search their location and find their closest professional installer. This is certainly a great way to get enquiries.

Likewise, if you’re on their website you can add their logo to your website. Showing off the companies you work with will help build trust with your clients.

What support do you get?

All manufacturers support their approved pros a bit differently. In terms of marketing, as well as your company getting listed on the manufacture’s website. Often, they’ll have annual awards that are free to enter and get your company lots of exposure online and in magazines. Some offer points when you purchase materials that can be redeemed for prizes.

It’s quite standard that they’ll give you samples, brochures and any marketing materials you need for your website. Some will even pay for van wrapping and signage. Granted this may be after a year or two of proving your commitment to installing their products. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

In terms of technical support usually, they will have you participate in annual training days. This is to make sure you know all the products they have to offer and that you’re able to use their materials correctly. If this isn’t the case then you may be asked to take online tests in order to demonstrate your understanding. Your local sales rep should be a phone call away for any advice you may need too.

Do they benefit the customer?

Usually, the manufacture will warranty their decking and having a pro install the decking helps ensure your decking is warrantied. Sometimes they won’t warranty the decking if an approved professional hasn’t installed it. Always worth checking especially when using premium products.

For example, Trex pros will register all their projects with Trex. Trex will then send the official warranty direct to the client. This way if the client ever needs to claim they can contact Trex direct. Remember just because it says it’s warrantied does not mean it’s covered.

What are the negatives?

There are very few drawbacks to becoming a professional decking installer. Some schemes will want you to pay for the privilege. Of course, attending training days will consume your time and any employees you have to pay to attend the course. You also won’t be making any money while on the course either. You may have to take online tests to prove your knowledge which again may take up your time. It is certainly worth considering how much of their product are you going to install in a year and factoring these costs into your prices. These are overheads after all, and it is healthy to make a profit.

Approved Decking Installers UK

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